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In-Depth Series: This Old Hack

  • Number of episodes: 5
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2008-01-10
  • Date of latest show: 2008-05-20
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
fawkesfyre tales of hacking

hpr101 :: This old Hack Part 8 hosted by fawkesfyre

2008-05-20. 00:38:23. Explicit.
lawnmower, cars, mechanic, engines.

Follow me when I repair a Lawnmower, talking through the process.

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hpr77 :: This old Hack Part 7 hosted by fawkesfyre

2008-04-16. 00:24:00. Explicit.
Automobile breakdown, Radiator hose failure, Automobile repair.

Another show from This Old Hack

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hpr54 :: This Old Hack Part 6 hosted by fawkesfyre

2008-03-13. 00:06:48. Explicit.
Hacking, Well House, Wells, Fixing, led head light.

a further show by this old Hack

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hpr37 :: This Old Hack Part 5 hosted by fawkesfyre

2008-02-19. 00:40:11. Explicit.
series, Making, building.

In this editon of this old hack fawkesfyre builds a shmooball cannon

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hpr9 :: This old Hack 4 hosted by fawkesfyre

2008-01-10. 00:42:27. Explicit.
water well, pressure tank, pressure switch, Didgeridoo, hardware.

Fixing a leak in a pressure based water well and making a Didgeridoo.

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