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Welcome New hosts

KFive, pokey, JWP, Jared Mayes, FiftyOneFifty, Flaviu, sp0rus, PipeManMusic, Johninsc, and Curbuntu. We are still looking for new hosts. It’s great experience for your CV/Resume it proves you are a “tech enthusiast”.

Show Review

588        klaatu               Klaatu interviews Brian Smith from dns.com
589        pokey                DownThemAll SongFight and a Song
590        K5TUX                QSK Episode 2: MP3 v. OGG
591        JWP                  sdf and openvms deathrow
592        klaatu               FOSScon: An interview with CrissiD and Charles
593        Jared Mayes          My Linux Experience
594        FiftyOneFifty        Using FFMPEG To Convert Video Shot With An Android...
595        Flaviu Simihaian     Read 'n Code - 1 Seneca and Python
596        sp0rus               The Importance of Community
597        K5TUX                QSK Episode 3: Old and in the Way
598        Ken Fallon           Bash Scripting: Episode 2 Command Line Basics
599        KFive                Interview with Rudi van Drunen on IPv6
600        Xoke                 Handling spam
601        PipeManMusic         A community icecast and mumble server for recordin...
602        klaatu               Urban Camping ep 1  
603        KFive                QSK Episode 4: AM vs. FM
604        sp0rus               Community Run Projects
605        Johninsc             How I found Linux
606        pokey                Thread_Repair
607        klaatu               Klaatu talks to Rebecca from bueda.com
608        sp0rus               sp0rus : My Linux Experience
609        Curbuntu             I Blame Tom Merritt
610        Jared Mayes          First Robotics Competition

Backlog is clear if your show is not aired then contact me.

Promo played on shows

TLLTs, Ubuntu UK and Linux Outlaws

Fixed comment spam

Nice to see that there are comments been left

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Test link at http://hackerpublicradio.org/test.xml
Hosts have their own profile page.

The great ogg debate

11Gb Ogg Shows
Encoding shows going forward
Old shows on archive.org


Really slow and crappy upload.
Volunteer to help out.

Hpr Submission Policy

Why contact the admin@hpr.
We don't vet - it's a policy. Well it's my policy anyway, based on the fact that we are all peers and as such I have no right to say whither or not a show is "good". Each listener can make that decision for themselves with the aid of the fast forward button.
DMCA Safe harbour.
I do listen to the beginning and the end to see if I need to add the intro and outro. I'll play a random bit in the middle to see if the audio is audible. If not I plan to contact the host but I haven't had to yet.


Filename = {your-name}_{title-of-show}.{extension}
Tags: kid3 with a gui or lltag
Shownotes: HTML and may change pending results of the new rss format
Formats: Accept MP3, and/or OGG with spx. Working on a script to convert them.
Scheduling: Downloaded, processed uploaded and added to the ….


Panicked about having no shows.
25 Shows a month (23 this month)
Not counting Klaatu Series and syndicates we have 5 shows in the pool
Encourage people to sign up for a slot.


Lord Drag $10 review syndication
Automate gathering of syndicated shows
Need to update a syndication page

Requested Topics

Great and easy way to contribute
Send in topic ideas or complete articles
PipeManMusic is doing a “Beginning Audio Series for HPR and OSMP Release”

Other News

Mumble Server http://hackerpublicradio.org/live
Emailing old hosts asking them to come out of the woodwork
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