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New episodes Monday through Friday.

Welcome to HPR the Community Podcast Network

We started producing shows as Today with a Techie 12 years, 1 months, 16 days ago. Our shows are produced by listeners like you and can be on any topic that "are of interest to Hackers". If you listen to HPR then please consider contributing one show a year. If you record your show now it could be released in 15 days.

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Latest Shows

hpr2428 :: git Blobs

Klaatu talks about git-media and git-annex

Hosted by klaatu on 2017-11-22 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

How do you manage large binary blobs, like pictures or video or sounds, when using git?

In this episode, Klaatu explains two popular options:

Thanks to CapsLok at for the sound effect.

hpr2427 :: Server Basics 101

Klaatu endeavours to explain the basics of server administration.

Hosted by klaatu on 2017-11-21 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

Klaatu covers the very very basics of servers: what they are, how to know one when you see one, what one ought to run, and why we have them.

hpr2426 :: Let's Talk About Addiction

Lostnbronx shares some thoughts about the need to talk about addiction.

Hosted by lostnbronx on 2017-11-20 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

I was partially inspired by Bitbox's really wonderful episode, "hpr2413: personal health care", to ramble on about the need for the HPR community to, maybe, start talking about a mental health crisis that touches pretty much everyone in the modern world: addiction.

Personal Health Care
hosted by Bitbox:

hpr2425 :: Intro to XSL

A brief introduction to XSL and xsltproc

Hosted by klaatu on 2017-11-17 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (2)

Sure, you can use pandoc to process your Docbook XML, but why not learn a little XSL this weekend?


You must have xsltproc installed. It's available from your software repository.

Here is some sample XML for you:

<xml version="1.0">
    My name is <author>Foo</author>.

    You're listening to <emphasis role="bold">Hacker Public

And here's the complete XSL as demonstrated:

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0">

  <xsl:template match="para">

  <xsl:template match="emphasis">

  <xsl:template match="emphasis[@role='bold']">

  <xsl:template match="author" name="host">

      <xsl:when test="$host = 'Klaatu'">

      <xsl:when test="$host = 'Gort'">


hpr2424 :: Interface Zero RPG Play

Klaatu, Lobath, and Thaj play the Interface Zero RPG

Hosted by klaatu on 2017-11-16 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Tabletop Gaming | Comments (1)

Klaatu, Lobath, and Thaj play a session of Interface Zero, a role playing game using the Pathfinder rules.

If you're new to RPG and want to hear how it's done, or you're just bored and want to hear some nerds play through a cyberpunk adventure, this is for you! Also - for one lucky listener - we have an RPG starter kit. Listen for details.

hpr2423 :: Open Source Gaming #2: Oolite

Episode 2 is about the space travel simulator Oolite, which is an open source remake of Elite

Hosted by TheDUDE on 2017-11-15 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (2)

The game's website. If you're interested in playing, check it out.

Also here's the forum I was looking up during the podcast to find out if Elite Dangerous was multiplayer or not.

hpr2422 :: Kickstarter Post Mortem

Klaatu talks about his failed Kickstarter campaign

Hosted by klaatu on 2017-11-14 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Tabletop Gaming | Comments (0)

Klaatu tried to fund art for a card game on Kickstarter. Missed the goal by 85%

This is a post mortem of how the Kickstarter went and where he may have gone wrong. Possibly you can learn from his mistakes. Possibly he has misdiagnosed his mistakes, and you are being misled. Choose wisely.

hpr2421 :: Project Interest

Lostnbronx wonders how some projects die for lack of interest.

Hosted by lostnbronx on 2017-11-13 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (2)

This is just a short "episode" wherein I ponder the nature of showmanship and razzle-dazzle regarding the success or failure of FOSS, and other projects that require collaboration. Your comments and opinions are ACTIVELY encouraged.

hpr2420 :: Netbooks - Keeping an old friend alive

Why netbooks are not necessarily obsolete and how to keep them performing well

Hosted by Beeza on 2017-11-10 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (1)

Beeza uses an Acer Aspire One netbook as a media player (principally audio).

The audio quality sent from the sound card out through the headphone socket really is excellent, so that when fed into a hi-fi amplifier the final reproduction is every bit as good as audio from a CD player - possibly better.

The netbook is over 5 years old. When it was first bought most Linux distros ran very well on it. Since that time, however, the optimal hardware spec for most distros has increased quite considerably, leaving a humble netbook relatively underpowered, having typically 1 Gb RAM and a sedate CPU.

All is not lost, fortunately. Raspbian X86, which is very closely related to the ARM version of Raspbian as used on the Pi, has a very light footprint and delivers performance on a netbook very much like what you would have experienced when they were brand new.

Raspbian X86 is not perfect, though. It works brilliantly straight out of the box, but its security model needs a bit of simple reconfiguration to get the best from it. There are also, tweaks and cheats that can improve the Pixel user interface which, in its default setup, may not be to everybody's liking.

In this episode Beeza explains steps he has taken to get the best from his netbook and, in the politest way possible, tells you what you can do with yours.


"Since recording the show I have installed Pulseaudio on top of Raspbian X86. It's a very simple install using Synaptic (or 'apt-get install pulseaudio'), after which you can run it as a daemon process with 'pulseaudio -D'.

The advantage of Pulseaudio is that it gives you greater control over the audio channels and devices than is possible with just the default ALSA sub-system. This will be handy if you ever record from streams or USB microphones.

If you install Pulseaudio, I strongly recommend installing pavucontrol as well - a mixer designed specifically to work with Pulseaudio".

hpr2419 :: Alien Brothers Podcast S1E01 - Introduction

Meet the Alien Brothers: Casper and Rutiger. Two tech junkies that take nothing sacred

Hosted by The Alien Brothers Podcast (ABP) on 2017-11-09 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (1)

This was an impromptu inaugural episode recorded in Bethany Beach, DE.

Casper and Rutiger work in the tech field and enjoy video games and popular media. We discuss the enigma that is the Handmaid's Tale, Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, the movie Kids, video games from paperboy to Quake to Fallout 4. We comedically discuss the disillusionment that one can incur working in the cubical jungle. We also discuss going back to minimum wage after enjoying a high paying tech industry.

We also reference obscure and not well-known music like Slint.

The sound quality is not great in this episode, as it was an impromptu recording. All future episodes will be produced at a much higher quality

Previous five weeks

hpr2418 :: What's in my ham shack, part 2 hosted by MrX

Released: 2017-11-08. Duration: 00:24:16. Flag: Clean. Series: HAM radio, QSK.
Tags: Amateur Radio, Ham Radio.
A description of what's in my amateur radio shack

hpr2417 :: Transmeta Crusoe - Fujitsu-Siemens Futro S210 (ThinClient) - Trouble Shooting and Debian 9 Install hosted by JWP

Released: 2017-11-07. Duration: 00:13:26. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Transmeta Crusoe,Fujitsu-Siemens Futro S210,thin client.
I did a basement clean up and got my old transmeta cpu up and running

hpr2416 :: HPR Community News for October 2017 hosted by HPR Volunteers

Released: 2017-11-06. Duration: 01:18:34. Flag: Explicit. Series: HPR Community News.
Tags: Community News.
HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in October 2017

hpr2415 :: bullet journal to org mode hosted by Brian in Ohio

Released: 2017-11-03. Duration: 00:15:27. Flag: Clean.
Tags: journal,bullet journal,emacs,org mode.
my journey from analog to digital

hpr2414 :: What's in my ham shack, part 1 hosted by MrX

Released: 2017-11-02. Duration: 00:22:11. Flag: Clean. Series: HAM radio, QSK.
Tags: ham radio, amateur radio.
A description of what's in my amateur radio shack.

hpr2413 :: personal health care hosted by Bitbox

Released: 2017-11-01. Duration: 00:05:44. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: health, personal health.
wherein bitbox discovers he is fat, and can no longer find his feet

hpr2412 :: The Call of Cthulhu hosted by HPR_AudioBookClub

Released: 2017-10-31. Duration: 01:23:31. Flag: Explicit. Series: HPR_AudioBookClub.
Tags: Review, Audiobook, HPR_AudioBookClub.
In this episode, the HPR_AudioBookClub discusses The Call of Cthulhu

hpr2411 :: Information Underground: Co-op Paradise hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2017-10-30. Duration: 00:44:51. Flag: Clean. Series: Information Underground.
Tags: web server,email server,server,co-op,co-operative,gopher,privacy,information underground.
Deepgeek, Klaatu, and Lostnbronx discuss their long-running server co-operative.

hpr2410 :: OLF 2017 Report hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2017-10-27. Duration: 00:22:56. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: OLF 2017, Open Source, Free Software, Conference.
OLF 2017, a Free and Open Source Software conference took place on September 29- October 1, 2017

hpr2409 :: RPG Counternote hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2017-10-26. Duration: 00:19:15. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: rpg,role-playing game,pc,gaming,klaatu,lostnbronx.
Lostnbronx offers his thoughts concerning Klaatu's recent episodes about RPG's.

hpr2408 :: My Current Favourite Podcasts hosted by Shane Shennan

Released: 2017-10-25. Duration: 00:04:06. Flag: Clean. Series: Podcast recommendations.
Tags: podcasts, tech, maker, Christianity, science fiction, Klingon, humour, history.
Six of my favourite podcasts, as of October 2017.

hpr2407 :: The Lost Episode Part 2 hosted by NYbill

Released: 2017-10-24. Duration: 00:22:12. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Electronics,kit,tester,AVR programmer,transistor.
NYbill talks about flashing firmware to a Atmega328p chip to get a Transistor Tester Kit working.

hpr2406 :: Putting Ends onto CAT6 Ethernet Cables hosted by Shane Shennan

Released: 2017-10-23. Duration: 00:08:29. Flag: Clean.
Tags: CAT6, learning, DIY.
This was my experience learning how to put the ends onto CAT6 cable.

hpr2405 :: Nokia 6 Review hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-10-20. Duration: 00:11:15. Flag: Clean. Series: Hardware upgrades.
Tags: Android, Nokia 6, Phones, New Kit.
This is a short show about my first thoughts of the Nokia 6

hpr2404 :: Open Source Gaming #1: Meridian59 hosted by TheDUDE

Released: 2017-10-19. Duration: 00:14:34. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Gaming, Open Source.
A showcase of Open Source games, Starting with the revived MMORPG Meridian59

hpr2403 :: Amateur Radio Round Table #3 hosted by Various Hosts

Released: 2017-10-18. Duration: 00:59:10. Flag: Explicit. Series: HAM radio, QSK.
Tags: ham radio, amateur radio, radio, antenna, rf, modulation.
Two guys try to answer Ken's questions about ham radio.

hpr2402 :: Petition: the card game for fanatics hosted by klaatu

Released: 2017-10-17. Duration: 00:42:00. Flag: Clean. Series: Tabletop Gaming.
Tags: game,gaming,tabletop,rpg.
Klaatu talks about a card game he designed

hpr2401 :: Music Theory Hara-Kiri hosted by TheDUDE

Released: 2017-10-16. Duration: 00:16:10. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Music, Music Theory.
A show on music theory, and figuring out what viewers on hear actually want with a music theory show

hpr2400 :: My commute into work hosted by thelovebug

Released: 2017-10-13. Duration: 00:36:48. Flag: Clean.
Tags: commute,car,cars,driving,podcasting,equipment,podcasting equipment,anchor,,the bugcast.
In this episode, Dave records an episode across his entire commute into work.

hpr2399 :: Using Super Glue to create Landmarks on Keyboards hosted by dodddummy

Released: 2017-10-12. Duration: 00:10:39. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: keyboard, function key, laptop keyboard.
Using Super Glue to create Landmarks on Keyboards

hpr2398 :: AutoHotkey Master of Automation ? hosted by operat0r

Released: 2017-10-11. Duration: 00:17:22. Flag: Clean.
Tags: GTA5,hacking,macros,autohotkey.
I'll go over my AutoHotkey script I used to give free money in GTA (dropping)

hpr2397 :: The Urban Astronomer hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2017-10-10. Duration: 00:32:39. Flag: Clean.
Tags: astronomy,podcast.
An introduction to an astronomy podcast that you might like

hpr2396 :: Information Underground: State of independence hosted by lostnbronx

Released: 2017-10-09. Duration: 00:42:40. Flag: Clean.
Tags: art, independent art, media, marketing.
Deepgeek, Lostnbronx, and Klaatu talk about the state of independent art.

hpr2395 :: Obamacare hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2017-10-06. Duration: 00:15:49. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Health Insurance, Health Policy, Insurance Marketplace, Obamacare.
What did Obamacare do?

hpr2394 :: The Lost Episode hosted by NYbill

Released: 2017-10-05. Duration: 00:27:02. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Electronics, kits, testers.
NYbill talks about building an inexpensive transistor tester... a year after the fact.

hpr2393 :: PWGen - A password generator hosted by Xoke

Released: 2017-10-04. Duration: 00:22:35. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Security, Passwords.
Xoke talks about how he uses PWGen to set people's passwords at work

hpr2392 :: Weather, Ogg Camp, Server Room, ITO collection hosted by JWP

Released: 2017-10-03. Duration: 00:07:46. Flag: Clean.
Tags: OggCamp.
A short podcast about various things mostly OggCamp

hpr2391 :: HPR Community News for September 2017 hosted by HPR Volunteers

Released: 2017-10-02. Duration: 01:21:15. Flag: Explicit. Series: HPR Community News.
Tags: Community News.
HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in September 2017

hpr2390 :: Still in the game hosted by klaatu

Released: 2017-09-29. Duration: 00:24:09. Flag: Clean. Series: Tabletop Gaming.
Tags: game,gaming,tabletop,rpg,pc gaming.
Klaatu compares PC and tabletop gaming

hpr2389 :: Thoughts on Lifetime Learning hosted by b-yeezi

Released: 2017-09-28. Duration: 00:09:28. Flag: Clean.
Tags: learning, self-improvement.
In this episode, I talk about my experiences in learning to be a good learner

hpr2388 :: Apt Spelunking 4: Planet of the Apts hosted by Windigo

Released: 2017-09-27. Duration: 00:09:03. Flag: Explicit. Series: Apt Spelunking.
Tags: recommendations,software,repositories.
Another couple of interesting packages from the Debian repos

hpr2387 :: Free Weights and a Bicycle hosted by Frank Bell

Released: 2017-09-26. Duration: 00:20:46. Flag: Clean.
Tags: exercise, free weights, physical fitness.
Frank discusses his life-long love for free weights

hpr2386 :: The Decline and Fall of Tcl hosted by clacke

Released: 2017-09-25. Duration: 00:28:53. Flag: Clean.
Tags: tcl, tk, history, languages, community.
... in which I'm reading Where Tcl and Tk went wrong, by David N Welton, posted on 2010-03-30

hpr2385 :: Healthcare Costs hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2017-09-22. Duration: 00:12:52. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Health Insurance, Health Policy, Insurance Marketplace, Healthcare Costs.
What are the cost pressures in healthcare?

hpr2384 :: Slackware in Scotland hosted by Andrew Conway

Released: 2017-09-21. Duration: 00:56:39. Flag: Clean.
Tags: linux,slackware,scotland,bicycles.
Beni comes to Scotland and talks to Andrew about Slackware 14.2, a year after release.

hpr2383 :: What's In My Ham Shack hosted by Steve Saner

Released: 2017-09-20. Duration: 00:37:24. Flag: Explicit. Series: HAM radio, QSK.
Tags: ham radio, amateur radio, radio, shack, equipment.
I describe the equipment that I have an use in my Amateur Radio station.

hpr2382 :: A Non Spoilery Review of "git commit murder" and "Forever Falls" by Michael Warren Lucas hosted by FiftyOneFifty

Released: 2017-09-19. Duration: 00:09:15. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Kansas Linux Fest, book review.
I met Mike Lucas at Kansas Linux Fest 2017 and review a couple of his novels

hpr2381 :: Benefits of a tabletop hosted by klaatu

Released: 2017-09-18. Duration: 00:44:10. Flag: Clean.
Tags: game,gaming,rpg.
Klaatu talks about the benefits of analogue gaming

hpr2380 :: Raspbian X86 on P4 Tower hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-09-15. Duration: 00:04:08. Flag: Clean. Series: Hardware upgrades.
Tags: Linux, Raspbian x86, Pentium4 hardware..
This is a show on installing Pixel on a Pentium 4 Tower PC

hpr2379 :: sending a text message from the command line hosted by Jezra

Released: 2017-09-14. Duration: 00:04:55. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: command line, mail, SMS.
a bunch of waffling on about email and text message sending from the command line

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