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Welcome to HPR the Community Podcast Network

We started producing shows as Today with a Techie 11 years, 11 months, 22 days ago. Our shows are produced by listeners like you and can be on any topic that "are of interest to Hackers". If you listen to HPR then please consider contributing one show a year. If you record your show now it could be released in 16 days.

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hpr2385 :: Healthcare Costs

What are the cost pressures in healthcare?

Hosted by Ahuka on 2017-09-22 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

The big driver to changing the healthcare system in the U.S. was the inexorable rise in healthcare costs. These costs kept rising for a number of reasons, which we look at at in this episode.

hpr2384 :: Slackware in Scotland

Beni comes to Scotland and talks to Andrew about Slackware 14.2, a year after release.

Hosted by Andrew Conway on 2017-09-21 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (1)

Beni aka @Navigium visited Andrew aka @mcnalu in Scotland as part of a cycling tour and they decided to record a follow up to their previous HPR show on Slackware to mark the release of Slackware 14.2, or rather the first anniversary of its release.

Some points and links mentioned are:

  • Arch is for fruitflies, Slackware for elephants?
  • Destroying a hard drive hammer or drill?
  • Grub vs Lilo?
  • Changes in Slackware - no changes an end user would notice! Pulseaudio now included as needed for bluetooth support. In Andrew's experience of 14.1 and before, only one package needed Pulseaudio, namely the game VVVVVV and even then it just wanted to see it installed, didn't need it for sound to work!
  • You can get gnome for slackware with dropline GNOME.
  • Digression: Trains in Switzerland vs Scotland
  • Beni and Andrew generally build our packages using the There can be dependency issues but it's rare. Worst case is Pandoc with its Haskell deps but sbopkg queue files are a great help there. Beni recommends sbotools as an alternative that deals with this and feels like portsnap on FreeBSD.
  • Digression: Recommend this HPR show on open-sourcing of Colossal Cave Adventure by ClaudioM.
  • Managing WiFi networks: wicd vs NetworkManager vs rc.inet1 (slackware network config script).
  • When camping and cycling, power is precious. Beni explains how to pack a bicycle for air travel.
  • Expect Slackware in Switzerland!

The hosts wish to clarify that no Italian Arch linux users nor fruitflies were harmed during the recording of this show.

hpr2383 :: What's In My Ham Shack

I describe the equipment that I have an use in my Amateur Radio station.

Hosted by Steve Saner on 2017-09-20 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: HAM radio, QSK | Comments (0)

What's In My Ham Shack

In this episode I am starting what I hope will become a series where Amateur Radio operators talk about what equipment they have and use in their Ham Shacks.

Ham Shack Definition

A good definition of exactly what a Ham Shack is can be found on Wikipedia.

Categories of Ham Radio gear

I tend to divide gear into the following categories.

  1. Portable - hand-held devices designed for carrying.
  2. Mobile - equipment that is designed to be used in a vehicle.
  3. Base - gear used in a fixed station environment.
  4. Miscellaneous - other stuff.

My Ham Shack

You can google any of these model numbers to see what the hardware looks like and learn more about it.

Portable Gear

  • Allinco DJ-190 Handy-Talkie
  • Yeasu VX-6R tri-band Handy-Talkie

Mobile Gear

  • Yeasu FT-8800 dual-band radio
  • New Motorolla Mount (NMO) antenna mount
  • Comet B-10nmo mobile antenna
  • Comet SBB-5nmo mobile antenna

Base Station Gear

  • ICOM IC-746 HF+6m+2m radio
  • Grasshopper II vertical HF antenna
  • Unknown brand vertical 2-meter/70-cm base station antenna
  • MFJ-4225MV Switching Power Supply
  • MFJ-949E Manual Antenna Tuner
  • LDG Electronics AT-200Pro II Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Computer running Xubuntu 16.04
  • West Mountain RIGblaster Advantage digital interface

Miscellaneous Gear

  • MFJ-269C Antenna Analyzer
  • Stereo head-phones and microphone
  • Push-to-Talk pedal
  • RTL-SDR Dongle
  • Collection of various connectors and adaptors

hpr2382 :: A Non Spoilery Review of "git commit murder" and "Forever Falls" by Michael Warren Lucas

I met Mike Lucas at Kansas Linux Fest 2017 and review a couple of his novels

Hosted by FiftyOneFifty on 2017-09-19 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

A Non Spoilery Review of "git commit murder" and "Forever Falls" by Michael Warren Lucas

I met Michael at Kansas Linux Fest 2017 where he was a speaker. Turns out we've probably been walking past each other in the halls at Penguicon the last three years that I have attended. Michael is a BSD guy and one of us. As well as being an open source advocate, he works professionally as a systems admin and network engineer. I bought his texts "SSH Mastery" (because I've always needed help getting my head around reverse IP tunneling), "Networking for Systems Administrators", and "$ git commit murder", his latest novel. Because I was a good customer, Michael threw in "Forever Falls" for free.

"git commit murder" takes place at a BSD convention. The gathering in the novel is slightly less informal than the Linux conferences I've attended. The conference is targeted at the users, contributors, and managers of the fictional "SkyBSD". Our protagonist, Detroit native Dale Whitehead has come to Canada to deliver a talk on his mesh networking project. The conference is disrupted when attendees start to die in what appear to be unrelated accidents. Dale is unwilling to accept these deaths as accidents, and puts his analytical mind to discovering the killer. He also employees his hacking skills, having already created an admin account on the host university's server within minutes of checking in. This makes him understandably reluctant to discuss his theories with the authorities until he has positively identified a culprit.

The SkyBSD community is not without contention. A significant number of contributors want to move from Subversion to git for version control and just as many are vehemently opposed. Also, the recent release of candid photos meant to embarrass a contributor has many calling for a Code of Conduct and the banning of violators. Others think this is going too far. Dale has to contemplate whether either of these is reason for murder? Perhaps it is a struggle by an old guard who is not ready to surrender leadership to a younger generation?

At first, it was hard to get to like Michael's protagonist, Dale Whitehead. Dale suffers from an extreme form of Attention Deficit Disorder which requires medication and causes him to actively shun the company of other people. The same affliction that allows him to get "in the zone" when programming also makes being in crowds a fresh hell for Dale. He is in constant terror that some aberrant behavior on his part will reveal his condition to his companions and he finds it much easier to deal with other humans via e-mail or IRC. It's clear Michael Lucas has an understanding of the condition, either via research or contact with someone who suffers ADD.

At least one character in the story seemed to me to bear a passing resemblance to a familiar conference fixture in real life. Michael told me the sequel might be set at an open source/Sci Fi convention in a city near the great lakes. Time will tell if the Tuesday Afternoon Solaris Overview or a kilt wearing organizer will make an appearance.

"Forever Falls" is also a mystery, as well a SciFi story. Ella Forecourt is a recruit right out of college for the Montague Corporation. As a corporate security officer, she is assigned to investigate the death of a Montague research scientist at the Freefall installation. In the course of the novel, you learn that Montague has proprietary technology that allows them to "portal" into other universes or dimensions where the laws of physics are different from those of our universe. In Freefall, gravity runs parallel to the surface of the world. In other words, you don't fall down, you fall sideways, and with no ground to stop you, if you fall, you fall forever.

Montague has a research facility built into the "Cliff". With gravity travelling sideways, the surface of the planet appears as an endless cliff. "Above" the facility is a huge metal awning to deflect falling boulders. On top of the awning is where the security team discovers the body of Dr. Devin Grupper. The damage to the body suggests Dr. Grupper impacted with terminal velocity. Even in the lighter gravity of Freefall constant acceleration means terminal velocity is governed by air resistance. Montague does use airships for transport, but there are no records of how Grupper could have secured transportation and a pilot to wind up smashed on the awning without a ship going missing. Thus Security Second Ella Forecourt is assigned to the case. "Forever Falls" is but one in a series of Montague Portal novels by Michael Lucas. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

hpr2380 :: Raspbian X86 on P4 Tower

This is a show on installing Pixel on a Pentium 4 Tower PC

Hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212 on 2017-09-15 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Hardware upgrades | Comments (2)

Raspbian x86 on an old P4 tower

Well I’m back again, as I said in the show I did about Raspbian x86 on the Lenovo x61s, I was interested to see how the OS would perform on what I now class as very old hardware in the form of a Pentium 4 tower.

We have a spare tower at the Makerspace which gets used to test low resource operating systems to see if they live up to their name, so on Saturday (yesterday as I write this, but a few weeks ago by the time this show goes out) I put the x86 Raspbian image on to this tower to see how it would perform.

Tower specifications are: Pentium 4 2.8Gig CPU, 2Gig DDR Ram and a 40Gig HDD, which in its day was a very useful bit of kit, but technology has moved on and most people wouldn’t consider it any use as a working PC today.

First problem I encountered was the DVD drive was duff and I didn’t have the image on a flash drive. Luckily I did have my trusty USB DVD in the bag, so I hooked that up, booted into the boot menu and set the disc off loading the OS. I won't go into this again as I ran through the install process last time, HPR 2362, but the install went well and I was left with a new install of Pixel on the tower.

I went through the new install process and was left with an up to date and password secure PC, I then rebooted to check what the resource use was at first boot, which I was amazed was a consistent 66mb of RAM, and about 1% CPU use.

Using the Chromium web browser pushes up RAM usage over a 100 but it was smooth and easily coped with navigating to resource hungry sites such as YouTube and the BBC. So first test passed.

I next opened a Word document in LibreOffice, this took about 10seconds to load but once open was perfectly usable with no lag, so should provide a good office capable PC.

So you can use the Web, Write documents, it has an email client or you can use web mail. And it’s not painfully slow, this PC would now make a very usable homework/first computer for any child, or a computer for an older member of the family that just needs to keep in touch with family and friends without breaking the bank. In fact you could probably pick up a working tower off the likes of Freecycle/Freegle for £0 and you may even get a small 17”/19” TFT monitor from the same place.

Yes it’s not as energy efficient as the latest kit but as I said last time the cost of a new PC/laptop can buy a lot of additional electricity in the time you may run it before it finally expires.

hpr2379 :: sending a text message from the command line

a bunch of waffling on about email and text message sending from the command line

Hosted by Jezra on 2017-09-14 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (3)

Notes? We don't need no stinking notes!

Edited 2017-09-08 by Ken
I beg to differ :).

This show was recorded on Audacity using a Logitech headset.

In episode hpr1892 :: my chicken coop jezra went to great lengths to protect his chickens. His system based on a BeagleBone Black ensures the door opens and closes only during the day.

In this show jezra explains how he gets the system to send him an email, and a text message using mailx and his phones providers free SMS to Email gateway.

hpr2377 :: A Rambling Drive Into Work

An attempt at making a show on the way into work

Hosted by MrX on 2017-09-12 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (2)

Please excuse the audio quality in the episode & feel free to skip if it's too painful on the ears. In the episode, I mainly talk about my two most recent cars as I couldn’t think of anything else to talk about off the cuff.

Previous five weeks

hpr2375 :: Competing Interests hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2017-09-08. Duration: 00:16:00. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Health Insurance, Health Policy, Insurance Marketplace.
We look at the marketplace and see how everyone's interests clash

hpr2374 :: How to Make Sauerkraut hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-09-07. Duration: 00:09:55. Flag: Clean. Series: Cooking.
Tags: Cooking, Fermenting, Food preserving .
This is a short show on making Sauerkraut

hpr2373 :: PCGen hosted by klaatu

Released: 2017-09-06. Duration: 00:44:00. Flag: Clean. Series: Tabletop Gaming.
Tags: RPG,character,character generator.
Klaatu talks about a PC generator

hpr2372 :: Docbook hosted by klaatu

Released: 2017-09-05. Duration: 00:54:38. Flag: Clean.
Tags: xml,docbook,writing.
How to Docbook

hpr2371 :: HPR Community News for August 2017 hosted by HPR Volunteers

Released: 2017-09-04. Duration: 01:27:39. Flag: Explicit. Series: HPR Community News.
Tags: Community News.
HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in August 2017

hpr2370 :: Who is HortonWorks? hosted by JWP

Released: 2017-09-01. Duration: 00:18:59. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Apache Hadoop, Hadoop.
And what they do with Hadoop.

hpr2369 :: Little Meters hosted by NYbill

Released: 2017-08-31. Duration: 00:21:11. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Electronics, Multimeter, Review.
NYbill does a quick review of two more inexpensive multimeters

hpr2368 :: Every cloude has a silver lining hosted by mirwi

Released: 2017-08-30. Duration: 00:02:23. Flag: Clean.
Tags: poetry, low queu.
Short, somewhat rhyming, thoughts provoked by an emptying show queue.

hpr2367 :: How I create and post a show to HPR hosted by MrX

Released: 2017-08-29. Duration: 00:20:09. Flag: Clean.
Tags: HPR, recording, audacity.
In this episode I describe the process I use to create and post a show to HPR.

hpr2366 :: Making Bramble Jelly hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-08-28. Duration: 00:11:05. Flag: Clean. Series: Cooking.
Tags: Cooking, Jam, Jelly.
This is a show on making Bramble Jelly

hpr2365 :: Rolling out a radio-based internet service in rural England hosted by Beeza

Released: 2017-08-25. Duration: 00:19:36. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Internet, ISP, BT, Wireless Networking, Infrastructure, rural.
One person's quest to get a decent internet connection when the big corporations aren't interested.

hpr2364 :: Managing Your Android with AirDroid hosted by Frank Bell

Released: 2017-08-24. Duration: 00:14:35. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Android, phones, file transfer.
Frank discusses AirDroid, an app for managing Your Android via a browser.

hpr2363 :: Cancelling my TV licence hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2017-08-23. Duration: 00:10:39. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: TV,television,licence.
I don't watch any TV so I don't need a licence, but cancelling it is unexpectedly difficult

hpr2362 :: Raspbian X86 on Lenovo x61s hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-08-22. Duration: 00:11:10. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Raspbian,X86,Lenovo.
This is another distro review show

hpr2361 :: Information Underground: Working Out hosted by klaatu

Released: 2017-08-21. Duration: 00:40:47. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Information Underground.
Deepgeek, Lostnbronx, and Klaatu talk about exercise.

hpr2360 :: Tradeoffs in the US Health Care System hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2017-08-18. Duration: 00:12:36. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Health Insurance, Health Policy, Insurance Marketplace.
Financing health care means choices to be made

hpr2359 :: Android ROM and PAIN hosted by operat0r

Released: 2017-08-17. Duration: 00:25:22. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Android,phone.
I go over some of my pain and love for Android over the years

hpr2358 :: Amateur radio round table #2 hosted by Various Hosts

Released: 2017-08-16. Duration: 00:46:09. Flag: Clean.
Tags: amateur radio, modulation, AM, FM, SSB, doppler, satellite.
Two of us trying to explain stuff mostly off the cuffs.

hpr2357 :: Air Soft Mini Howto hosted by operat0r

Released: 2017-08-15. Duration: 00:14:13. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: airsoft.
I talk about my current setup for AirSoft and how we should all have hobbies!

hpr2356 :: Safely enabling ssh in the default Raspbian Image hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2017-08-14. Duration: 00:32:53. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Raspberry Pi, ssh.
Ken walks us through a script to secure the base Rasbian Pixel image

hpr2355 :: Wii and WiiU Software Modding hosted by operat0r

Released: 2017-08-11. Duration: 00:12:16. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: wii,wiiu,console hacking.
I go over my current Wii and WiiU setup

hpr2354 :: Night Sounds in Rural Tennessee hosted by Jon Kulp

Released: 2017-08-10. Duration: 00:03:30. Flag: Clean.
Tags: nature, insects, wildlife.
A recording of the night sounds outside Tullahoma, Tennessee

hpr2353 :: RoboThermometer hosted by Epicanis

Released: 2017-08-09. Duration: 00:12:36. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Raspberry Pi,Shell,Zabbix,Monitoring,Temperature,DS18B20,Sensors,Linux.
A surprisingly short geeky episode about connecting a temperature sensor to a Raspberry Pi

hpr2352 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 5 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-08-08. Duration: 00:03:12. Flag: Clean. Series: Interviews.
Tags: Interviews, Making.
A short series of interviews done at the Liverpool Makefest 2017

hpr2351 :: HPR Community News for July 2017 hosted by HPR Volunteers

Released: 2017-08-07. Duration: 00:38:35. Flag: Explicit. Series: HPR Community News.
Tags: Community News.
Murphy is strong but Ken struggles on talking about shows released and comments posted in July 2017

hpr2350 :: Ahuka Insurance - Understanding The Marketplace hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2017-08-04. Duration: 00:10:20. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Health Insurance, Health Policy, Insurance Marketplace.
How the Health Insurance Market works in the U.S

hpr2349 :: Customizing my bash prompt hosted by Windigo

Released: 2017-08-03. Duration: 00:24:12. Flag: Explicit. Series: Bash Scripting.
Tags: bash,command line,configuration,terminal.
A detailed look into how, and why, to customize a bash prompt.

hpr2348 :: Vim Hints 005 hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2017-08-02. Duration: 00:38:06. Flag: Explicit. Series: Vim Hints.
Tags: vim,editor,movement,copy,paste,text object,configuration,.vimrc.
Hints and Tips for Vim users - part 5

hpr2347 :: An Intro to Apache Hadoop hosted by JWP

Released: 2017-08-01. Duration: 00:37:29. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Hadoop,big data,MapReduce,cluster,HDFS.
Just a pretty boring summary of what Hadoop is and how it works.

hpr2346 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 4 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-07-31. Duration: 00:05:15. Flag: Clean. Series: Interviews.
Tags: Interviews, Making.
A short series of interviews done at the Liverpool Makefest 2017

hpr2345 :: Fixing a toilet roll holder hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2017-07-28. Duration: 00:08:51. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Life Hack, re-purpose hack.
A small fix improves someone's life

hpr2344 :: Follow on to HPR2340 (Tracking the HPR queue in Python) hosted by MrX

Released: 2017-07-27. Duration: 00:14:29. Flag: Explicit. Series: Programming 101.
Tags: Python, Programming, Hardware.
Improved version of script to capture the number of HPR shows in the queue using python.

hpr2343 :: Healthcare in the Netherlands hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2017-07-26. Duration: 00:18:29. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Health Insurance.
Ken reads the Wikipedia article on Healthcare in the Netherlands

hpr2342 :: Wherein our hero fails to repair a garage door. hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

Released: 2017-07-25. Duration: 00:25:17. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: diy, home improvement, fixit, wontfix, failure, door, garage door, handyman, narration.
I try and fail to fix my garage door.

hpr2341 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 3 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-07-24. Duration: 00:06:18. Flag: Clean. Series: Interviews.
Tags: Interviews, Making.
A short series of interviews done at the Liverpool Makefest 2017

hpr2340 :: Tracking the HPR queue in Python hosted by MrX

Released: 2017-07-21. Duration: 00:21:32. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Python, Programming, Hardware.
I explain how I capture the number of HPR shows in the queue using python

hpr2339 :: Podcast list additions hosted by Dave Morriss

Released: 2017-07-20. Duration: 00:20:55. Flag: Explicit. Series: Podcast recommendations.
Tags: podcast,feed,recommendation.
Updates to my list of podcast feeds

hpr2338 :: Binaural recording 2 off to work hosted by Quvmoh

Released: 2017-07-19. Duration: 00:03:08. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: binaural,quvmoh,audio.
Binaural 3d audio recording, please listen at normal speed with good head phones.

hpr2337 :: The Kobo Aura eReader hosted by Jon Kulp

Released: 2017-07-18. Duration: 00:18:43. Flag: Clean.
Tags: ebooks, ereaders, ebook readers.
A review of my new (used) Kobo Aura e-book reader

hpr2336 :: Liverpool Makefest 2017 Show 2 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

Released: 2017-07-17. Duration: 00:06:13. Flag: Clean. Series: Interviews.
Tags: Interviews, Making.
A short series of interviews done at the Liverpool Makefest 2017

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