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Mike Hingley

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hpr1433 :: Ubuntu Quickly Ebook Template

Released on 2014-01-29 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this episode Mike Hingley talks about his Ubuntu Quickly Ebook Template project. Whilst it is still in development, it allows authors the ability to publish epub style books through the ubuntu packaging system.

hpr1382 :: Interview with Dave Hingley

Released on 2013-11-19 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this episode Mike Hingley interviews his brother after oggcamp 2013 (, and Dave talks about linux and hardware problems.


Titanium Bunker:


hpr1234 ::

Released on 2013-04-25 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this episode Mike Hingley highlights a potentially useful website for those learning Javascript - uses github autehtication, and provides an arena where virtual robots can battle for ultimate supremacy.

Mike Hingley's profile:

hpr1108 :: What's In my Bag?

Released on 2012-10-31 under a CC-BY-SA license.
Kit Description
My Backpack
My Backpack
My Backpack - note the HPR Badge - this is the bag I take to work every day.

My Acer Aspire netbook
This is a refurbed type unit I got from the Acer Direct.
My Kindle 2
My Kindle 2
This kindle was a birthday present from Rachel, last year. She knows me so well :)Its loaded with a load of ebooks from the great folks at O'reilly.The case for this was from Tesco
My Car-pod ipod
My Car-pod ipod
When I upgraded cars the biggest disappointment for me was that going from a Kia Cee'd , where I could plug in USB keys with pod-casts on - I now no longer had a USB port in my SEAT. Rachel bought this for me from CEX. I've replaced the firmware with rockbox.
My newest iPod
My newest iPod
My newest iPod - this used to belong to my Rachel, but the screen has started to go - She looked at getting it repaired - pricey as it is out of the warranty period - so she got herself a new one (cue a long process of me transferring her songs to the new iPod :() and I acquired her old one. I have replaced the Apple firmware with rockbox, and it works great under Linux.
My 2GB USB Key
My 2GB USB Key
This key contains nothing (at the moment) apart from a design for a leaving cake (Keep calm and Google it) and a file called ldlinux.sys, left over from the previous contents. Google cake
Google cake

My Conference Folio
This is a pleather folio I picked up ages ago from I know now where - probably before Opal Telecoms was bought by TalkTalk. Currently the old web address ( seems to redirect to which seems to redirect to TalkTalk, only it actually doesn't work.
My Folio Contents
I keep an Oxford pad (i like the paper) in here.
I keep an Oxford pad (i like the paper) in here.
My Microsoft mouse was missing from my bag, as I had been using it with my Raspberry Pi - but it's like this. 

hpr1045 :: Genealogy

Released on 2012-08-03 under a CC-BY-SA license.

I've been researching my family tree for a short while now, and through I'd share some of my resources and tips with other hackers.

  1. Hingley's of Netherton (Wikipedia Link Black Country History Link)
  2. The Titanic Anchor (BBC Black Country Link)
  4. Gramps
  5. FreeBMD
  6. Census records online (you can usually search the census for free at your local library)
  7. ukbmd
  8. westmidlandsBMD
  9. My Grandparent's marriage register record
  10. my family tree on - You will need an account on ancestry - or may be able to access it via Ancestry Library Edition
  11. Government Records Office
  12. Ancestry Family History Advice



hpr0855 :: Packaging for your distro

Released on 2011-11-10 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this episode Mike tries to highlight the advantages of packaging content for your distro. 

The Ubuntu content packaging team can be found at :

More articles about content packaging can be found at

Mike can be reached at

hpr0797 :: How I got into linux

Released on 2011-08-22 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In today's show we are introduced to a new host Mike Hingley as he explains how he got into linux.

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