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hpr1902 :: My Linux Tool Box

Released on 2015-11-17 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Tools I use:

  1. Htop - Command line system monitor
  2. Firefox - The best web browser
  3. Pluma or Gedit - Great gui text editors
  4. Yaourt or Synaptic - Simple yet powerful package managers
  5. Gucharmap - Character map for all your unicode needs
  6. Markdown - Distraction free, simple document writing.
  7. VLC - The one true media player.
  8. Cinnamon Desktop Environment - My favorite desktop environment.
  9. LibreOffice - For my limited office application needs.
  10. Evince or Atril - Simple, effective, reliable PDF readers.
  11. mtPaint - Pixel art programme.
  12. Inkscape - Vector graphics tool. Great for drawing.
  13. GIMP - The Gnu Image Manipulation Programme.
  14. Gnome Terminal or Mate Terminal - My preferred GUI terminals.
  15. Redshift - Ease your screen viewing when the sun goes down.
  16. Alarm Clock Applet - Used for the Pomodoro time management technique.
  17. Gparted - My preferred partition management tool.
  18. Steam - Lots of freedom hating games.
  19. Play on Linux - Tool to play other freedom hating games.
  20. Gpick - Simple colour picker and colour scheme generator.
  21. Thunderbird - My preferred email client. The best of a boring bunch.
  22. Skype - My nessecessity for human contact.
  23. Transmission - Torrent client. Great for downloading lots of Linux Distros!
  24. Uget - For when I need a large file that doesn't have a torrent.
  25. Java - I use OpenJDK and OpenJRE as java is my first language.
  26. Asunder CD Ripper - For ripping audio CD collections.
  27. Audacity - For recording this podcast!
  28. Music Brainz Picard - Tag, accurately, all those freshly ripped CDs.
  29. Virtualbox - Try all those .iso Linux distributions you just downloaded!
  30. GUFW - GUI Uncomplicated Fire Wall. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  31. Numix Theme - A very complete theme with a lovely icon set. Flat style, very modern.

hpr1728 :: Requested Topic: Favourite Browser Extensions

Released on 2015-03-18 under a CC-BY-SA license.

NoScript is great for blocking JavaScript that may be undesirable. Scripts tend to track users or load obtrusive or undesirable content in my experience. NoScript also blocks Adobe Flash and Java which can be resource hogs. A simple click will activate them. Scripts can be enabled or disabled by site.

HTTPS Everywhere will automatically direct your browser to a secure https version of sites you visit, if available. Great for security (obviously).

Adblock Edge is a great ad blocker. It blocks all ads no matter how obtrusive they are. Does not contain hidden white-list like more popular ad blocker: Adblock Plus.

LibreJS targets non free JavaScript. I think it is a fantastic idea but makes too many sites unusable. I prefer NoScript as I can more easily micro-manage scripts per domain.


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