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hpr0951 :: Roku XD box

Released on 2012-03-25 under a CC-BY-SA license.

I recently bought a roku XD box and I want to do a little review for you guys. First I would like to say that we have basic cable, and werent really looking to become "cord cutters". You can check out the roku site at

Roku XD with remote

First I bought it from Best buy for 79.99 I think it was 84 dollars with tax. First I cant believe how tiny this thing is! When you open the box, you have the device, a remote and some RCA AV Cables. The XD also only works with wireless internet. The one I bought does have a HDMI port on it. It works great and does Netflix and other services like Amazon and Hulu Plus.

You sign up for a roku account on the website and associate the roku box to that account. Which is close to what you do with most media type boxes nowadays like blueray players and stuff. The only difference is those devices only give you content from a couple places. The roku actually has channels, that you can add to your roku box. I have added many channels on it and I am watching lots of content from the web. With services like Popcorn flix, which shows you movies and during those movies there are some commercials. They arent really that bad its like 1 commercial when they show it. It is always the same commercial though. Which kinda gets annoying.

I use Netflix, and Crackle on it was well. There are lots of news channels like NBC also I know that MLB and I think NHL have channels too. I was amazed at the selection of channels on the device. It would be nice if the roku site had a listing of all private channels. As it is hard to search the internet to find a list, then add the code on the roku site only to find out that the channel code doesn't work anymore. There really are so many channels that you can add it is hard to explain them all.

My wife and I both have android phones and we installed the roku remote control app which works great! As long as you are on the same wifi network as the roku you can control it. My wife is using the roku box for netflix and other services more than our blueray players because she likes the interface to netflix better. She says that just getting around the netflix channel is just so much easier! I even found a mythtv channel. All in all I am real happy with the Roku box and would recomend it to anyone to supplement their basic cable package. I think it really goes hand in hand with a basic cable or HD Antenna where you can get your network channels, but still get a lot of the extra content for free or a reasonable price.

I will say that I would like to try Hulu Plus and see if I can slowly wean myself from Cable or HD Antenna. I really doubt it because of the way the cable companies are in the US. Right now since I get my internet from the cable company (Charter) if I get basic Digital television with it then I actually get the two of them for a cheaper price than if I just got the cable internet from them. I would like to end by saying that I know I have only mentioned a few of the channels that roku offers but there really are so many of them and they are scattered in many places that it is tough to know about them all. So if you want you can email me I am on google+ as well.


hpr0942 :: Zentyal Linux Small Business Server

Released on 2012-03-13 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Today I talked about Zentyal Linux Small Business Server,found at From the website:
"Zentyal can act as a Gateway, Infrastructure Manager, Unified Threat Manager, Office Server, Unified Communication Server or a combination of them. One single, easy-to-use platform to manage all your network services."

Check out their youtube channel!

Here is the screencast about the server:

if you have any comments or questions please email me at
james.middendorff [@]

hpr0937 :: How I started with linux

Released on 2012-03-05 under a CC-BY-SA license.
In today's show, regular contributor riddlebox takes some time out to tell us of his journey to linux

You can reach him at: james.middendorff[ @ ]

hpr0922 :: Updating a Garmin GPS for free

Released on 2012-02-13 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Notice **I am not condoning this method I am just reporting that I have read on numerous sites the steps and procedures on how to do this.****

  1. Connect your device to the computer.
  2. Go into the Nuvi files and backup the file named gmapprom.img to your computer.
  3. Delete the gmapprom.img file from the device. (note: make sure you empty the recycle bin after this step)
  4. Delete any unused Language files too..
  5. Copy the unlocked gmapprom.img file that you downloaded into the device. If the downloaded file is named something else, rename it to gmapprom.img and then put it on your devices internal memory.
  6. Restart your device and check your map info via : Tools>Settings>Map>Map Info.

    There you have it! You have done it.

hpr0908 :: TV Downloader TED

Released on 2012-01-24 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Hello everyone its riddlebox, sorry its been so long since I have done a podcast.

Today I am going to tell you about my kinda sorta home dvr that I have at the moment.

No, this isn't another show talking about mythtv....even though the mythtv project is a good one...

Our myth box at home died a while back and we lost three tuner cards which I hadn't realized how expensive the setup was getting to be needing all of the tuner cards and a back end server that could handle everything.

So I looked at a debian server I have been using as my zoneminder server which just records two cameras when there is motion. I found a Java app called TED - or torrent episode downloader from As the name states it uses torrents to download the shows. With this application which you download and launch from the jar file.. I had to use a --no-tray switch to get it to run.

Once you open the jar file you are greeted with the app and a list of the popular shows. You can tell it to start torrenting those shows and you can tell Ted the frequency of how often to look for new shows. You can even tell it to get past shows.

So I got Ted all configured the way I wanted, then I setup a guest SAMBA share on my downloads folder so my blue ray player can see the share, and now I just go to my blue ray player and see what shows are available to watch. Some shows may show up a couple days after they air but overall it works great.

hpr0685 :: Product Review SunVolt

Released on 2011-03-18 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

Today, I am going to do a product review today, this product is one that I think almost anyone will find a good use for! The product is from Scosche, and is the Solar-Powered Universal Charger/ Backup Battery or SunVolt. A description of the product from the manual that comes with it says: The Scosche sunVolt provides a convenient and environmentally friendly way to charge your USB portable device. The specifications for the product are: Output 5V 500mA, the battery is a Lithium-ion, Battery capacity: 1500mA, solBAT solar charge:4-5 days and it varies............

hpr0187 :: Maemo

Released on 2008-09-17 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
riddlebox and Jza talk about Maemo

hpr0162 :: Webkit

Released on 2008-08-13 under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
Jza, Andymeows, and riddebox have a improvised discussion about an article in the July issue of Linux Journal, called "Using Webkit In Your Desktop Application." pg 54 - 58.
Linux Journal =

What is webkit?
It has a LGPL license
Webkit is an open source application framework that provides a foundation upon which to build a web browser. It was originally derived from the konqueror browser's khtml software library by Apple Inc. for use in Safari. You can use Designer to create a nice gui and use the classes for QtWebKit inside it. Which means that you can drag and drop forms and create the gui real fast. The best part of QtWebKit is that you can pull stuff from the internet for you applications. In the article they created an app that will download the pdf files from past issues for you. With a nice search feature for their website.
Examples of applications using Webkit:
MSN Messenger
Mac OS X's Dashboard
The IPhone uses it as well

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