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hpr1312 :: Deepgeek interviews Birgitta Jonsdottir (Icelandic Pirate Party parliamentarian)

Hosted by Epicanis on 2013-08-13.
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Epicanis makes a brief introduction to the following show. (see also: )

In this special episode of TGTM news Deepgeek interviews Icelandic Parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir. We discuss Ban Ki-moon's recent faux pas in Iceland's Parliment, Birgitta's hacking, her work in human rights and privacy, and whether or not Wikileaks is living up to it's original mandate.


Comment #1 posted on 2013-08-01T18:39:42Z by deepgeek

Criticism Well Taken

Hey, Epicanis,

Thanks for the criticism of my two examples, before going into this interview, I really focused on researching Birgitta to the exclusion of all else, Next time, better, I promise.

Did I mention that I was working off of a memorized set of questions? Listening to this in retrospect I think I hear Birgitta raise her impression of me mid-interview when she realizes that this is what I was doing....

Thanks also for "loopholeing" me in!


Comment #2 posted on 2013-11-19T06:40:06Z by Epicanis

Dang it, I hate when I miss comments for so long

In my defense, August was an EXTREMELY busy month for me.

No need to apologize for anything - I had fun looking up the information on Leary and Reich, and you still did a heck of a lot more work on this episode than I did. :-)

Comment #3 posted on 2013-12-31T23:09:19Z by otak

Thankyou so much deepgeek this was awesome and informative.

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