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hpr1668 :: Nixstaller

Klaatu talks about Nixstaller. Packaging applications for GNU Linux and BSD

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Hosted by klaatu on 2014-12-24 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Part of the series: Packaging applications for GNU Linux and BSD

Klaatu submits a series on packaging applications for GNU Linux and BSD.

Cross-distro and -POSIX packages are easy with Nixstaller. (Note that this pre-dates and is entirely unrelated to NixOS or Nix packages.)

Download Nixstaller from and read the docs there.

Review the sample package templates included in the examples dir.

Generate an empty template dir with

Modify the config.lua and run.lua files to suit your needs.

Place your payload(s) into the appropriate folders.

Generate your re-distributable install file with

geninstall foo-1.0.0

That's it!


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