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hpr2278 :: Some supplementary Bash tips

Finishing off the subject of expansion in Bash (part 1)

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Hosted by Dave Morriss on 2017-04-26 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Part of the series: Bash Scripting

This is an open series in which Hacker Public Radio Listeners can share their Bash scripting knowledge and experience with the community. General programming topics and Bash commands are explored along with some tutorials for the complete novice.

Some supplementary Bash tips

Pathname expansion; part 1 of 2


As we saw in the last episode 2045 (and others in this sub-series) there are eight types of expansion applied to the command line in the following order:

  • Brace expansion (we looked at this subject in episode 1884)
  • Tilde expansion (seen in episode 1903)
  • Parameter and variable expansion (this was covered in episode 1648)
  • Command substitution (seen in episode 1903)
  • Arithmetic expansion (seen in episode 1951)
  • Process substitution (seen in episode 2045)
  • Word splitting (seen in episode 2045)
  • Pathname expansion (this episode and the next)

This is the last topic in the (sub-) series about expansion in Bash. However, when writing the notes for this episode it became apparent that there was too much to fit into a single HPR episode. Consequently I have made it into two.

In this episode we will look at simple pathname expansion and some of the ways in which its behaviour can be controlled. In the next episode we’ll finish by looking at extended pattern matching. Both are included in the “Manual Page Extracts” section at the end of the long notes.

Long Show Notes

I have written out a moderately long set of notes about this subject and these are available here.


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Comment #1 posted on 2017-04-28T21:56:56Z by unverified

You Rock

I've been meaning to comment somewhere on the site about how great a resource the site is but if were nothing but "Dave Morris Reads The Manpages" I'd gladly listen.
Your attention to detail and calm mannerism is very pleasant and that it happens you cover the good stuff any nix user needs to get a handle on is just perfect.

When there is a lull I'll go through them all again.....and again.

Thanks for holding up far more than your end of the podcast.

Ill try to break past the public speaking phobias and help.
And help with tags too.

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