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New episodes Monday through Friday.

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In-Depth Series


Panelists dicuss a topic each month.

HPR RoundTable 9 - Various Hosts | 2010-03-09

The roundtable discussesthe low budget (no budget?) science fiction film "Infest Wisely", available from the Internet Archive at:

Hacker Public Radio Round Table 8 - lostnbronx | 2010-01-13

Join us as SigFLUP, Deepgeek, lostnbronx, and Klaatu discuss the sci fi movie THX 1138

HPR Round Table 6 - Various Hosts | 2009-11-24

Klaatu, SigFLUP, Skirlet, and Deepgeek gather around the venerable HPR Round Table to discuss the classic sci fi film, Forbidden Planet.

RoundTable 3 - Social Networking - Various Hosts | 2009-07-07

In the third official Hacker Public Round Table, Klaatu, Deepgeek, and Tottenkoph talk about "social networking", personal information on the web, the concept of identity, and so on.

Some of the links they mention in this episode are:

This episode also available in glorious low quality ogg vorbis.

RoundTable Ep 2: Is There such a thing as Ethical Hacking? - Various Hosts | 2009-03-30

Three-Thirty, AJ, Nick, and Klaatu discuss the question "Is there such a thing as Ethical Hacking?"

An ogg version of this episode is also available.

Roundtable 1: Is Google Evil? - Various Hosts | 2009-01-30

Morgellon, Plexie, Klaatu, Drake Anubis, and Skirlet discuss whether google is evil.