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hpr2566 :: HPR Community News for May 2018

HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in May 2018

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2018-06-04 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Community News. 2.
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HPR Community News.

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

There were no new hosts this month.

Last Month's Shows

Id Day Date Title Host
2542 Tue 2018-05-01 How I helped my dad run a static website using SparkleShare clacke
2543 Wed 2018-05-02 Home Theater - Part 1 Hardware operat0r
2544 Thu 2018-05-03 How I prepared episode 2493: YouTube Subscriptions - update Dave Morriss
2545 Fri 2018-05-04 HPR 2017 New Years Eve show part 5 Various Hosts
2546 Mon 2018-05-07 HPR Community News for April 2018 HPR Volunteers
2547 Tue 2018-05-08 MSYS2 clacke
2548 Wed 2018-05-09 Single Vs Multiple Characters lostnbronx
2549 Thu 2018-05-10 DVD ripping using old hardware Archer72
2550 Fri 2018-05-11 Howto get started playing RPGs klaatu
2551 Mon 2018-05-14 Calibrating Calibration NYbill
2552 Tue 2018-05-15 What is stow? clacke
2553 Wed 2018-05-16 Get ahead with git HEAD klaatu
2554 Thu 2018-05-17 Gnu Awk - Part 11 b-yeezi
2555 Fri 2018-05-18 HPR 2017 New Years Eve show part 6 Various Hosts
2556 Mon 2018-05-21 Building trust klaatu
2557 Tue 2018-05-22 Styx -- The Purely Functional Static Site Generator clacke
2558 Wed 2018-05-23 Battling with English - part 1 Dave Morriss
2559 Thu 2018-05-24 My Favourite Browser extension MrX
2560 Fri 2018-05-25 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Ken Fallon
2561 Mon 2018-05-28 A reluctant dog walk MrX
2562 Tue 2018-05-29 I bought a laptop clacke
2563 Wed 2018-05-30 Action In Storytelling lostnbronx
2564 Thu 2018-05-31 Intro to Fossil klaatu

Comments this month

These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows.
There are 18 comments in total.

There are 7 comments on 5 previous shows:

  • hpr1762 (2015-05-05) "HPR Audio Book Club 10" by HPR_AudioBookClub.
    • Comment 2: dodddummy on 2018-05-12: "Tickles me in places I'm not sure I'm comfortable with"

  • hpr2381 (2017-09-18) "Benefits of a tabletop" by klaatu.
    • Comment 4: Brian DeRocher on 2018-05-02: "open source games"

  • hpr2536 (2018-04-23) "Lostnbronx examines points-of-view and tenses in storytelling." by lostnbronx.
    • Comment 1: Fweeb on 2018-05-02: "2nd person"
    • Comment 2: clacke on 2018-05-02: "Chinese"
    • Comment 3: lostnbronx on 2018-05-02: "Fweeb, I think you're right"

  • hpr2540 (2018-04-27) "28 - TLS 1.3" by Ahuka.

  • hpr2541 (2018-04-30) "Microphone Wind Screen Demo" by lostnbronx.

There are 11 comments on 8 of this month's shows:

  • hpr2546 (2018-05-07) "HPR Community News for April 2018" by HPR Volunteers.
    • Comment 1: clacke on 2018-05-07: "Re: butchering"

  • hpr2547 (2018-05-08) "MSYS2" by clacke.
    • Comment 1: ClaudioM on 2018-05-08: "MSYS2 is What Cygwin Should Be"
    • Comment 2: Gavtres on 2018-05-08: "Git Bash"

  • hpr2549 (2018-05-10) "DVD ripping using old hardware" by Archer72.

  • hpr2550 (2018-05-11) "Howto get started playing RPGs" by klaatu.
    • Comment 1: redrider06 on 2018-05-22: "Howto get started playing RPGs"

  • hpr2551 (2018-05-14) "Calibrating Calibration" by NYbill.
    • Comment 1: mcnalu on 2018-05-14: "Oscillowant"
    • Comment 2: NYbill on 2018-05-14: "A chimp by another name..."

  • hpr2556 (2018-05-21) "Building trust" by klaatu.
    • Comment 1: Ken Fallon on 2018-05-25: "Profound"

  • hpr2557 (2018-05-22) "Styx -- The Purely Functional Static Site Generator" by clacke.
    • Comment 1: clacke on 2018-04-05: "Addendum: Styx was written by Eric Sagnes"

  • hpr2560 (2018-05-25) "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" by Ken Fallon.

Mailing List discussions

Policy decisions surrounding HPR are taken by the community as a whole. This discussion takes place on the Mail List which is open to all HPR listeners and contributors. The discussions are open and available on the HPR server under Mailman.

The threaded discussions this month can be found here:

Any other business

Website changes

There have been two changes to the HPR website in May:

  • The tags for a show are now being displayed in the header of each show page

  • A fault in the comment display code, which resulted in comments containing the percent sign (%) not to be displayed, has been corrected.

Tags and Summaries

Thanks to Windigo for sending in updates in the past month.

Over the period tags and/or summaries have been added to 2 shows which were missing them.

If you would like to contribute to the tag/summary project visit the summary page at and follow the instructions there.


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Comment #1 posted on 2018-06-15 14:24:50 by clacke

The group of the tab is in the windowing (of it)

I've never looked into tab grouping, because what I do, if my tabs start becoming unwieldy, is that I drag one of them out of the window, and it becomes a new window. I may drag other tabs into that new window if they belong together.

You people who use tab grouping, do you do this as well, giving you two-dimensional tab grouping, or does grouping replace multiple windows?

Comment #2 posted on 2018-06-15 15:53:46 by Dave Morriss

I don't use multiple windows

In my case I use tab groups to keep useful and related web sites together to make "context switching" simpler. For example, in Pale Moon I have a group per HPR series or project, and when I'm in the mood to prepare a new HPR show I run it on my right-hand monitor with Gvim on the left.

I usually have Vivaldi, Chromium and IceWeasel running on different XFCE desktops as well, and all of these have pinned tabs so I can easily visit various HPR pages, the most used pages on my local MediaWiki instance, GitLab, GitHub,, Telegram groups, and so on.

It's probably (barely) organised chaos, but I like it ;-)

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