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hpr3034 :: How to bridge Freenode IRC rooms to

Thaj builds upon a previous episode by Clacke to deep dive into bridging IRC to

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Hosted by Thaj Sara on Thursday 2020-03-19 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: Freenode, IRC,,, Social Media.

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Part of the series: Social Media

Looking at aspects of Social Media - platforms, histories, popularity, philosophies, etc.

  • Attribution

  • is a Free, open source, and decentralized messaging system. One of the strong points of this system is its ability to bridge multiple protocols together into one interface.


  • Bridging to Freenode's IRC server is built into If you already have a registered Nick on Freenode it is a simple process to associate your Matrix and Freenode accounts.

  • Steps to bridge to a Freenode IRC room

    1. Start a direct message with and send the command identify nick pass (replacing nick and pass with your credentials).
    2. Direct message with the command !storepass nick:pass
    3. Join the room You can really join any room on freenode with
    4. PROFIT!!!!

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Comment #1 posted on 2020-03-22T19:47:07Z by Klaatu

Did not know this

Thanks for the info Thaj. I didn't know how to do this, but now I do. I can now be both klaatu and notklaatu on Matrix, and that's pretty satisfying.

Comment #2 posted on 2020-04-12T10:46:43Z by clacke


Oh cool!

When I was using Matrix+IRC before, unauthenticated FreeNode was still ok, but now I know what to do if I start using Matrix again.

I have been using XMPP and Biboumi, but didn't host my own and the hosted ones have not been reliable. I miss IRC, so I may come back to Matrix soon.

Comment #3 posted on 2021-11-06T03:21:52Z by clacke

Most Freenode channels have since moved to libera.

I'll make a show about why and a show about how to connect to libera, but here's the spoiler:

- Instead of use (yes, they have their own gateway!)
- Instead of chatting with to store your login and password, chat with

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