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hpr0613 :: alternative investing and how the internet changes the game

Some reflections on investing and saving

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For My hacker Public Radio spot.
Recently, I had a chance to review about 30 years of my investing and savings.
Being a live long member of the save 10% club and having been debt free for a number years I thought I needed a review.

Having been in the military I had picked almost all the wrong kinds of things to invest in in the pre-internet era that one could think of.
A few years ago when Ron Paul was running for President.
I stumbled upon his web site.
Having shared many views with Mr. Paul and him being a small town doctor from Texas.  I was very interested in what he invested in.
I read that he had about 50% of his assets in hard assets like Gold Coins and the rest T bills.
Of course he was debt free and owned his home and land out right as well. 

I use Etrade and I am slowy moving the mistakes of the Army.
Its just hard to get in touch with folks that deal with paper.

The reason I like Etrade so much is that they show the total loss or gain each investment right away.  No guessing you can see it.
You also pay as you go with them and it is very clear what you have to pay in total fee’s.

I like the treasury direct site as well.

But what really interested me.
Is what is coming.  And this is the Hacker part of that really says wow.
I have been a user of pay pal for a long time.
I have a German and American account with them and find its a great way to move dollars to euros with out a lot of over the top fees.
Most people do not think about having two types of money but I assure you the dollar is not worth very much today vs. the Euro.
Which is great for American Jobs. 
Being a Pay Pal user I a saw this Microplace site they have.
I used my pay pal ID and it worked.
There was no tricks or anything. 
You make a small loan to women in south texas or coco farms in the islands and they really pay you back.
I have done it for a few years and it made feel a lot better about sharing my money and getting a fair return.

I also look into owning a share of Windmill or truck or locomotive but the incoming costs are pretty high.  About 15K to starting in Germany to own a share of ship or locomotive.  I like this because its a set investment a train that works in the Hamburg harbor and its there you can go and see it on your web cam and see it work.  It pays back your entire principle over the 30 years of its life and it pays a share of the profit for that year.  I have not found very many American investments like that.  But have heard that some Oil trusts can do that.  Can I have a web cam of it working would be a qualifying point for me. 

Well enjoy and thank about it.
Keep it simple if you do save and watch fee’s.
The younger you start the easier it is.
And do not borrow money with credit cards or by car with credit or buy home unless you put 20% down.
Would be the only other advice.
I read book one time about wealthy barber and another about a guy who saved three years living expenses.
I used much from both. 
The one that really changed my life was when I had the living expenses worked out.
It changed how I felt about my Boss and what I would be willing do a lot. 
The spirit to take chance also came from that.

In any case I am off enjoy and be safe.


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