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Bariman talks about changes to his Linux audio setup

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Hosted by Bariman on 2011-06-23 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.
Jack Audio Driver, limits.conf, audio mixer, Ardour, Audacity, Kid3Tag, MMA, Muse, Lilypond. 2.
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Duration: 00:13:27


Shows about Bariman's experience as a jazz musician using Linux

The Jack Audio Driver . . .
For serious audio it is essential that the Linux kernel operates in real-time mode.
Switch on through the 'Set-up' tab, under 'Parameters, from the QJackCtrl.
Set the sample rate, say 44,100 for maximum compatibility.
Set the buffer size ('Frames/Rate'), say 256 which (for me) produces an 11.6 ms latency.
Add two lines of code to the file 'limits.conf' in the '/etc/security/' folder (before the '# End File' marker), as follows
@audio - rtprio 99 and
@audio - memlock unlimited
Check you are part of the 'Audio' Group.
Or use your 'username' instead of '@audio' (in my case 'tonydenton').

Updating My Hardware . . .
I've invested in an audio mixer - a Behringer Xenyx X1204USB Mixer.

Re-considering My Software Bag . . .
The Podcast is now being recorded in 'Ardour'
(I shall to subscribe to 'Ardour' to keep Paul Davis developing the programme and urge others to do so.)
I am using 'Audacity' for mastering, with, klaatu's configuration file.
Another useful programme for setting or editing ID3 Tags is 'Kid3Tag'
I'm currently trialling 'MMA' 'Musical Midi Accompaniment' and 'Muse' and 'Lilypond'
(Hope I can dispense with Windows-based software all together.)

My website and Blog can be found at '' and I am on Twitter as 'tonydenton.' My Identica name is 'Bariman' and I am occasionally found on IRC, also as 'Bariman'

Cheers for now . . .


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Comment #1 posted on 2011-06-28 01:14:57 by demi

now this is someone i could listen to! :)

really interesting stuff, and i could listen to you all day; feels like i'm smarter already! :)

Comment #2 posted on 2011-07-02 14:25:32 by lostnbronx

Great series! Keep 'em coming!

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