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hpr2554 :: Gnu Awk - Part 11

In part 11 of the series, we string and number built-in functions

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Hosted by Mr. Young on 2018-05-17 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Duration: 00:28:06

Learning Awk.

Episodes about using Awk, the text manipulation language. It comes in various forms called awk, nawk, mawk and gawk, but the standard version on Linux is GNU Awk (gawk). It's a programming language optimised for the manipulation of delimited text.

Awk Part 11

Gnu Awk Documentation:

Numerical functions

  • atan2: arctangent of y / x in randians
  • cos: cosine of x in radians
  • exp: ex
  • int: floor float to int
  • log: natrual log
  • randn: (pseudo) random number between 0 and 1
  • sin: sine of x in radians
  • sqrt: square root
  • srand: (pseudo) random between 0 and 1, manually setting the seed

String functions

  • asort: array sort. Returns array with the values sorted
  • asori: array sort. Returns array with the keys (index) sorted
  • gensub: Search the target string target for matches of the regular expression regexp. Returns string with substituted text.
  • gsub: Search target for all of the longest, leftmost, nonoverlapping matching substrings it can find and replace them with replacement. Returns string with substituted text.
  • sub: Search target, which is treated as a string, for the leftmost, longest substring matched by the regular expression regexp. Returns string with substituted text.
  • index: Search the string in for the first occurrence of the string find. Returns the position where that occurence begins
  • length: returns length of string
  • match: Search string for the longest, leftmost substring matched by the regular expression regexp and return the character position (index) at which that substring begins.
  • split: Divide string into pieces delimted by field separator. Returns an array of strings
  • sprintf: Allows you to store the a string in the that would have been the output of printf into a variable
  • strtonum: Turn octal representation to number
  • substr: Substring starting at position x for length of y. Returns string
  • tolower: Lower-case the string
  • toupper: Upper-case the string



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