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hpr2654 :: Making Crepes

Shane makes crepes from a simple recipe.

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Hosted by Shane Shennan on 2018-10-04 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Cooking techniques, recipes, recommendations and cooking equipment

Crepe Recipe:

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 pinch of salt

Cinnamon Sugar Mixture Recipe:

  • 1 part cinnamon (or less)
  • 8 parts sugar


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Comment #1 posted on 2018-10-08 16:13:24 by lostnbronx

Great Recipe

I just made a simple breakfast using your recipe. It was easy and delicious. I used brown sugar and cinnamon, and it was a hit. Great content, thanks for uploading!

Comment #2 posted on 2018-10-09 05:49:42 by Jonas

How I make crepes

This is so good. Thanks for the show. I always wonder how other people make similar things I like. As it happens, I just made crepes yesterday. I have no idea why my Texas mom started making crepes, but I just remember having them at home as a kid. I don't know if what I do is technically called a crepe but it's very crepe like, or maybe more super thin pancake like. I'm not much of a measurer. I typically start with 1 to 1.5 cups flour and add a couple table spoons to 1/4 cup of sugar depending on the day. I also add lots of cinnamon. 1/4 teaspoon to a half table spoon. Again depending on the amount of flour, the sugar and cinnamon increases. This is basically a dessert crepe. After whisking the dry together with a 1/8 teaspoon of salt or or less, I add 3/4 cup of milk. If the mix isn't watery enough, add more milk until pretty thin. Then add an egg and beat in completely. I have a gas stove, so I put the flame on to just above as low as it can go without going out. I let that heat a stainless pan for several minutes, while putting the other things together. More flame if you know what you're doing. You want the pan to be the right temp before putting in the first drizzle of batter. I like to use a cake decorating bottle to put the batter in the pan. Get the bottles at Ross, a discount store, or at the dreaded Wal-Mart. You could probably enlarge the opening on one of the $.99 ketchup/mustard squeeze bottles, but they are not clear like the decorating bottles.

Just before putting the batter in the pan, swirl around then end of a stick of butter just enough to wet the pan. Start at the center of the pan with a splash of batter making an ever widening circle until you cover 2/3 of the pan. If the batter is thin enough it will spread itself. Otherwise you can pick up and jostle the pan to flatten more. I generally cook until the edges curl and the top starts looking less wet, then flip and cook the other side 10-20 seconds to firm up top side.

Comment #3 posted on 2018-10-10 00:18:29 by Shane Shennan

Brown Sugar!

lostnbronx, I am glad you got a good breakfast out of my episode.

I never thought of making the cinnamon sugar with brown sugar! I have always used white sugar. I'm going to try your way when my cinnamon sugar container is empty.

Comment #4 posted on 2018-10-10 00:24:30 by Shane Shennan

Thanks for sharing your technique!

Jonas, thanks for sharing your method. I like the way you put the cinnamon right into the batter, instead of using it as a topping. I also liked your tip of using a cake decorating bottle.

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