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hpr3009 :: Linux Inlaws S01E01

Linux Inlaws - a podcast about on topics around free and open source software

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Hosted by monochromec on 2020-02-13 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY license.
free open source software revolution. 5.
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Duration: 00:59:30

Linux Inlaws.

This is Linux Inlaws, a series on free and open source software, black humour, the revolution and freedom in general (this includes ideas and software) and generally having fun.

Linux Inlaws - a podcast about on topics around free and open source software, any associated contraband, communism / the revolution in general and whatever else fancies your tickle.

Please note that this and other episodes may contain strong language, offensive humor and other certainly not politically correct language - you have been warned (our parents insisted on this disclaimer - happy mum?). Thus the content is not suitable for consumption in the workplace (especially when played back on a speaker in an open plan office or similar environments), any minors under the age of 35 or any pets including fluffy little killer bunnies, your trusty guide dog (unless on speed) and cute t-rexes or other associated dinosaurs.

In this show the lads introduce themselves and discuss the technology they use and why they are putting on the show.



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Comment #1 posted on 2020-02-15 08:43:15 by Ken Fallon

Mailing list Discussion

Comment #2 posted on 2020-02-15 08:44:37 by Ken Fallon


HPR fund a mumble service where you can directly connect to Mumble. port 64747

Comment #3 posted on 2020-02-19 04:34:13 by Peter Mortensen

The predecessor?

Linux Inlaws? Ha-ha-ha-ha.

The successor to Linux Outlaws (2007-2014)? en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Linux_Outlaws

How many will get that reference nearly 6 years later? All the listeners for which the closing of Linux Outlaws left a gaping hole in the podcast landscape?

Comment #4 posted on 2020-02-19 15:13:00 by Chris


@Peter: All will be revealed in a future episode soon. Stay tuned! :-)

Comment #5 posted on 2020-03-05 10:51:25 by bittin



Heard Chris Zimmermann talking about LBW in FLOSS Weekly and mentioned your podcast also was an old Outlaws listener, so started listening to your new Inlaws show now today :)

seems nice so far only listened 20 minutes

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