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hpr3424 :: Infosec Podcasts Part 6 - Infosec Leadership

Presenting my favorite information security leadership podcasts

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Hosted by Trey on 2021-09-16 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Podcast recommendations.

This is an open series where Hacker Public Radio listeners can share and recommend podcasts that they listen to.

Inoffensive in every region of the world.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to my previous episodes. This is the final episode in the Infosec Podcasts series.

I listen to many, MANY podcasts. The vast majority of these are related to information security.

Because there are so many podcasts to list, I have broken them down into 6 different episodes based on topics:

  • Part 1 - News & Current Events - Episode 3324
  • Part 2 - General Information Security - Episode 3334
  • Part 3 - Career & Personal Development - Episode 3344
  • Part 4 - Social Engineering - Episode 3368
  • Part 5 - Episode 3387
    • Hacks & Attacks
    • Technical Information & Learning
    • Infosec Community / Social / History
    • Part 6 - Infosec Leadership


Term: CISO

  • Pronounced SEE-so or SAI-so
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Sounds like executive leadership position, similar to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), etc but this is often not the case

Security leadership is changing

Old way:

  • Experienced technologists (Usually old white guys) worked way up ranks
  • Usually reported through IT (CIO/CTO)
  • Department of "No" - Block everything bad
  • Slows down business

New way:

  • Experienced business professionals with leadership skills and security understanding
  • Can report through:
    • IT (CIO/CTO)
    • Legal (For compliance reasons)
    • Finance (CFO) for governance or compliance reasons
    • Financial impacts of attacks
    • Direct costs
    • Fines
    • CEO - Seat at the table with other C-level execs
    • Direct to board
  • Empowers the business to succeed in a secure way
  • Can still slow down the business, but only when needed
    • Brakes on a race car

Infosec Leadership Podcasts

  • CISO Tradecraft - G Mark Hardy (Weekly)
  • CISO Vendor Relationship Podcast - David Spark & Guests (Weekly)
  • CISO Talks (Weekly)
  • CISO Talk - James Azar (Weekly)
  • The Cyber Ranch Podcast - Allan Alford & Hacker Valley Studios (Weekly)
  • CISO's Secrets - Currently hosted by Grant Asplund and sponsored by Checkpoint
    • Interviews with security leaders across a wide range of industries
    • Addresses real issues facing security professionals and businesses
  • CISO Stories - Hosted by Todd Fitzgerald and Sam Curry and part of the Security Weekly family of podcasts
  • The New CISO - Hosted by Exabeam's Chief Security Strategist, Steve Moore and Sponsored by Exabeam

That wraps up this series. I welcome any feedback you might have in the comments section for this episode on the HPR site.

Thank you very much for listening.


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