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hpr3882 :: Alternatives to the cd command

Navigate your filesystem without cd

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Hosted by Klaatu on 2023-06-20 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Bash Scripting.

This is an open series in which Hacker Public Radio Listeners can share their Bash scripting knowledge and experience with the community. General programming topics and Bash commands are explored along with some tutorials for the complete novice.

Five or six ways I could think of to roam the files of your Linux computer without cd.

pushd and popd dirs

The pushd command, when called with a filepath as an argument, saves the current working directory in memory (via a directory stack) so it can be returned to at any time, places the new filepath at the top of the stack, and changes to the new filepath. The popd command returns to the path at the top of the directory stack.

cd -

From man bash An argument of - is converted to $OLDPWD before the directory change is attempted.


EXPORT mydir="/path/to/file/"
cd ${mydir}

History and histverify

Using !number from the history command will execute the command

[user@pc ~]$ history
1  cd tmp
2  cd ~
3  history

[user@pc ~]$ !3
cd tmp
[user@pc tmp]$

from the man command

       shopt [-pqsu] [-o] [optname ...]
              Toggle the values of settings controlling optional shell behavior.
              -s     Enable (set) each optname.
              -u     Disable (unset) each optname.

Now using !number from the history command will put the command on the prompt but you need to execute it yourself

[user@pc ~]$ shopt -s histverify
[user@pc ~]$ !39673
[user@pc ~]$ cd tmp

autocd command

[ken@kalani ~]$ shopt -s autocd
[ken@kalani ~]$ tmp
cd -- tmp
[ken@kalani tmp]$ ~
cd -- /home/ken

working without changing to directory

[ken@kalani ~]$ ls tmp


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