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hpr4151 :: HPR Community News for June 2024

HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in June 2024

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2024-07-01 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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HPR Community News.

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

Welcome to our new host:

Last Month's Shows

Id Day Date Title Host
4131 Mon 2024-06-03 HPR Community News for May 2024 HPR Volunteers
4132 Tue 2024-06-04 Urandom talks about the future of HPR Thaj Sara
4133 Wed 2024-06-05 Mastodon as a way to comment to HPR episodes norrist
4134 Thu 2024-06-06 Goodbye Craig Maloney. Ken Fallon
4135 Fri 2024-06-07 Mining the web Cedric De Vroey
4136 Mon 2024-06-10 Pi Samba Share Kevie
4137 Tue 2024-06-11 I used reisub key sequence to reboot my frozen Linux computer Henrik Hemrin
4138 Wed 2024-06-12 Linux Gaming: Factorio Cedric De Vroey
4139 Thu 2024-06-13 HPR New Years Eve Show 2023 - 24 ep 1 Honkeymagoo
4140 Fri 2024-06-14 Battery and Charging Technology 2024 Ahuka
4141 Mon 2024-06-17 Picade Console Kevie
4142 Tue 2024-06-18 A Shared Shell History With Atuin mnw
4143 Wed 2024-06-19 Learning to touch-type using the Dvorak keyboard layout enistello
4144 Thu 2024-06-20 Running a Self-Hosted Mail Server Lee
4146 Mon 2024-06-24 Pi 5 - Some initial thoughts Kevie
4149 Thu 2024-06-27 HPR New Years Eve Show 2023 - 24 ep 2 Honkeymagoo
4150 Fri 2024-06-28 Playing Civilization III, Part 4 Ahuka

Missed comments last month

Note to Volunteers: These are comments for shows last month that were not read in the last show because they arrived on or after the recording day. This section will be removed before these notes are released.

  • hpr4112 (2024-05-07) "JSON and VENDORS and AUTH ohh my!" by operat0r.
    Summary: "I talk and rant about JSON and Vendors"
    From: Ken Fallon on 2024-05-31: "The answer is always jq"

    JQ gives you error reporting with the line and error that occurs.

  • hpr4116 (2024-05-13) "Response to 4109: Building community without SEO" by hobs.
    Summary: "Building community does not require marketing and too much marketing can sometimes destroy community"
    From: Ken Fallon on 2024-05-31: "The link appears invalid"

    Just had some time to look at the Discord link but it doesn't appear to be working

Comments this month

Note to Volunteers: Comments marked in green were read in the last Community News show and should be ignored in this one.

These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 16 comments in total.

Past shows

There are 2 comments on 2 previous shows:

  • hpr4118 (2024-05-15) "Toil versus Livelihood" by dnt.
    Summary: "A contribution to the discussions about AI as a threat to our livelihoods"
    • Comment 7: dodddummy on 2024-06-01: "I agree but am concerned about the transition"

      I agree that the toil isn't the point and a lot of people aren't doing what they want to do.

      My concern is how we'll make the transition from what we have to the toilless future.

      Seems not at all clear to me we'll make that transition without 'insert favorite post apocalyptic movie title'.

  • hpr4126 (2024-05-27) "Podcasting for Newbies" by Moss Bliss.
    Summary: "All you need to become a podcaster"
    • Comment 1: Henrik Hemrin on 2024-06-04: "Equipment, experience, encouragement and radio."

      Thanks Moss for sharing your experience, equipment details and encouragement to anyone who wants to become a podcaster. Nice also to learn about your radio background.

Updated on 2024-06-13 12:06:16

This month's shows

There are 14 comments on 4 of this month's shows:

  • hpr4131 (2024-06-03) "HPR Community News for May 2024" by HPR Volunteers.
    • Comment 1: hobs on 2024-06-03: "HPR page design"
    • Comment 2: folky on 2024-06-04: "Give me the opus"
    • Comment 3: Henrik Hemrin on 2024-06-04: "Thank you"
    • Comment 4: Ken Fallon on 2024-06-04: "Bug created"
    • Comment 5: Ken Fallon on 2024-06-04: "HPR page design - Setting expectations"
    • Comment 6: elmussol on 2024-06-04: "opus feed"
    • Comment 7: An HPR listener on 2024-06-09: "The tune Dave mentioned"

  • hpr4132 (2024-06-04) "Urandom talks about the future of HPR" by Thaj Sara.
    • Comment 1: kdmurray on 2024-06-04: "Great Conversation"
    • Comment 2: Henrik Hemrin on 2024-06-05: "Re: Great Conversation."
    • Comment 3: kdmurray on 2024-06-08: "Re: Re: Great Conversation."

  • hpr4133 (2024-06-05) "Mastodon as a way to comment to HPR episodes" by norrist.
    • Comment 1: Henrik Hemrin on 2024-06-05: "Comment via phone and laptop/desktop"
    • Comment 2: fullstopslash on 2024-06-05: "mastodon comments"
    • Comment 3: Ken Fallon on 2024-06-05: "Some issues"

  • hpr4135 (2024-06-07) "Mining the web" by Cedric De Vroey.
    • Comment 1: norrist on 2024-06-12: "Clever use of transparency data"

Mailing List discussions

Policy decisions surrounding HPR are taken by the community as a whole. This discussion takes place on the Mail List which is open to all HPR listeners and contributors. The discussions are open and available on the HPR server under Mailman.

The threaded discussions this month can be found here:

Events Calendar

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Quoting the site:

This is the community event calendar, where we track events of interest to people using and developing Linux and free software. Clicking on individual events will take you to the appropriate web page.

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