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hpr4021 :: HPR Community News for December 2023

HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in December 2023

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Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2024-01-01 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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HPR Community News.

A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

New hosts

There were no new hosts this month.

Last Month's Shows

Id Day Date Title Host
4000 Fri 2023-12-01 New Orleans Ahuka
4001 Mon 2023-12-04 HPR Community News for November 2023 HPR Volunteers
4002 Tue 2023-12-05 Today I learnt - 2023-11-24 Dave Morriss
4003 Wed 2023-12-06 My road recording setup Some Guy On The Internet
4004 Thu 2023-12-07 Wayland to X11 bridge Ken Fallon
4005 Fri 2023-12-08 Sgoti's reply to multiple shows. Some Guy On The Internet
4006 Mon 2023-12-11 Holiday Challenges Ep 3 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge and KringleCon Trey
4007 Tue 2023-12-12 Advent of code day 1-5 catchup Daniel Persson
4008 Wed 2023-12-13 Sextortion. Good Heavens! Some Guy On The Internet
4009 Thu 2023-12-14 Reolink CCTV Cams operat0r
4010 Fri 2023-12-15 Playing Alpha Centauri, Part 3 Ahuka
4011 Mon 2023-12-18 The Intel Hex file format Brian in Ohio
4012 Tue 2023-12-19 RE: show comments. Some Guy On The Internet
4013 Wed 2023-12-20 Smart Watches gross operat0r
4014 Thu 2023-12-21 Post-Quantum Cryptography Update 1st November 2023 Ahuka
4015 Fri 2023-12-22 Value of life, part 0. Some Guy On The Internet
4016 Mon 2023-12-25 Today I learnt MrX
4017 Tue 2023-12-26 Advent of code day 6-10 catchup Daniel Persson
4018 Wed 2023-12-27 A comment about other shows and Aliases Reto
4019 Thu 2023-12-28 Fairy lights and Powerful Pixies Ken Fallon
4020 Fri 2023-12-29 Alabama to Florida Ahuka

Comments this month

These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 22 comments in total.

Past shows

There are 5 comments on 4 previous shows:

  • hpr262 (2008-12-31) "Programming 101: The Basics" by Xoke.
    • Comment 1: Ne01sfree on 2023-12-24: "Thankyou"

  • hpr3972 (2023-10-24) "Thunderbird inbox filtering: keeping a clean/orderly inbox." by Some Guy On The Internet.
    • Comment 1: frank on 2023-12-12: "Why unsubscribe?"
    • Comment 2: Some Guy On The Internet on 2023-12-14: "RE: Why unsubscribe?"

  • hpr3985 (2023-11-10) "Bash snippet - be careful when feeding data to loops" by Dave Morriss.
    • Comment 1: Ken Fallon on 2023-12-04: "using this now in"

  • hpr3998 (2023-11-29) "Using open source OCR to digitize my mom's book" by Deltaray.

This month's shows

There are 17 comments on 5 of this month's shows:

  • hpr4000 (2023-12-01) "New Orleans" by Ahuka.
    • Comment 1: brain-in-ohio on 2023-12-02: "wow!"

  • hpr4007 (2023-12-12) "Advent of code day 1-5 catchup" by Daniel Persson.
    • Comment 1: norrist on 2023-12-13: "Brute Forece will only get you so far"

  • hpr4008 (2023-12-13) "Sextortion. Good Heavens!" by Some Guy On The Internet.
    • Comment 1: Another Guy on the internet on 2023-12-13: "This show is very opinionated"
    • Comment 2: hpr listener on 2023-12-13: "Poor quality."
    • Comment 3: Some Guy on the Internet on 2023-12-14: "RE: This show is very opinionated."
    • Comment 4: Some Guy on the Internet on 2023-12-14: "RE: Poor quality."
    • Comment 5: hpr listener on 2023-12-16: "RE: Poor quality."
    • Comment 6: Ken Fallon on 2023-12-17: "Opinions are allowed on HPR"
    • Comment 7: Bob on 2023-12-17: "Great Show"
    • Comment 8: X on 2023-12-18: "You missed some points"
    • Comment 9: Kevin O'Brien on 2023-12-18: "Great show"
    • Comment 10: Another Guy On The Internet on 2023-12-20: "Controversy is a good thing"

  • hpr4012 (2023-12-19) "RE: show comments." by Some Guy On The Internet.
    • Comment 1: hpr listener on 2023-12-19: "Just when the disappointment couldn't get worse, it did."
    • Comment 2: Ken Fallon on 2023-12-20: "I am unable to comply as..."
    • Comment 3: hpr listener on 2023-12-21: "Re: I am unable to comply as..."

  • hpr4019 (2023-12-28) "Fairy lights and Powerful Pixies" by Ken Fallon.
    • Comment 1: Trey on 2023-12-28: "Nicely done."
    • Comment 2: Reto on 2023-12-29: "Audacity is overkill"

Mailing List discussions

Policy decisions surrounding HPR are taken by the community as a whole. This discussion takes place on the Mail List which is open to all HPR listeners and contributors. The discussions are open and available on the HPR server under Mailman.

The threaded discussions this month can be found here:

Events Calendar

With the kind permission of we are linking to The Community Calendar.

Quoting the site:

This is the community event calendar, where we track events of interest to people using and developing Linux and free software. Clicking on individual events will take you to the appropriate web page.

Any other business

Developments in the last month

  • Repairing shows which had no ID3 and similar tags on the audio

  • Enhancements to the comment system

Thanks to all 58 HPR contributors in 2023!


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