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episodes: 4

hpr3252 :: Simple JSON querying tool (also YAML, and to a lesser extent XML)

Released: 2021-01-19. Duration: 00:18:57. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: json, yaml, xml, query.
crvs talks about jq, yq and xq

hpr3107 :: Generating comfortable passwords

Released: 2020-06-30. Duration: 00:30:00. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: passwords, python.
generating passwords to be comfortably type-able

hpr3070 :: making vim xdg compatible

Released: 2020-05-08. Duration: 00:51:10. Flag: Explicit. Series: Vim Hints.
Tags: vim, configuration, XDG.
move your vim configuration out of the home directory

hpr3028 :: Monads and Haskell

Released: 2020-03-11. Duration: 00:21:15. Flag: Explicit. Series: Haskell.
Tags: Haskell, Programming, Math.
A hopefully not too rambly "introduction" to functors and monads in and out of haskell

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